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The Low-code market is growing fast.

With leading vendors reporting healthy double-digit growth, the market estimated to be worth $3.8billion this year, is forecast to increase to over $21billion over the next five years.

Solutions are being tailored to the needs of distinct user groups.

Two new market segments are developing which focus on the needs of Business (‘Citizen’) Developers from the business side and AD&D (App Dev) Professionals within the IT organization.

The race is on to expand integration with key technologies.

As adoption of Low-code expands and businesses look towards technologies like AI, robotics and machine learning, solutions must grow to offer these capabilities.

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What is Low-code?

Demand for digital and mobile app development is growing 5x faster than internal dev capacity.
[Source: Gartner]


Low-code lets you build business apps quickly and easily without coding

You can be building business apps from scratch with just a couple of days training using fully customizable pre-built functions and drag and drop design.

2 days

It gives people, like you, who know what needs doing, the freedom to do it

80% of enterprises are planning citizen developer initiatives and can expect to increase their development resource by 3x if they do.
[Source: IBM]

80% of enterprises are planning citizen developer initiatives

Letting you innovate digitally - faster and cheaper than before

Low-code projects typically need 90% less resource than coding from scratch and can be completed without expensive developers.
[Source: Forrester *]

90% less resources

It's in your hands

Reduce the time it takes to build business apps from months to days

Experiment and test ideas with a few days training and no coding knowledge

Scale from pilot to enterprise ready app quickly and cheaply

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